Capital Transactions
Mergers and Acquisitions

Often one of the most exciting and growth-positive aspects of business leadership is picking the right merger and acquisition candidate. But it’s the preacquisition analysis in their back pockets - measuring the effects on shareholder value, tax consequences and financial reporting issues, plus less tangible but equally important market, product and people issues - that brings about the successful conclusion.

Buy-Sell Agreements

We help you establish clearly defined market values that minimize conflict among the interested parties, whether shareholders, employees or family members. Using agreed-upon historical data to establish the baseline value of the company, we review business activity and make well-researched, lender-sensitive projections to establish mutually acceptable unit-value formulas for altering, transferring or dissolving ownership.

Exit Strategies

History has proven that it is never too early to arm yourself with carefully reviewed options for retiring, liquidating or dissolving your business even when that likelihood is far into the future. Following the same logic recommended for the buy-sell agreement, we establish strategic exit alternatives as part of an overall business exit plan.