Other Valuation Applications

Business Valuation Consultants' commercial damages analysis practice assist law firms and organizations with matters that involve the calculation of complex damages in litigation matters for plaintiffs and defendants. Our approach to commercial damages analysis is built on a broad understanding of economic damage related concepts and damage models.

Executive Compensation Analysis

No matter how educated your judgment is, often times a more scientific process is needed more than good common sense to measure the relationship between compensation and employee value. Both qualitative and quantitative factors are used by Business Valuation Consultants to determine fair and reasonable compensation. We use sophisticated market-based competitive data in addition to interpolated figures reflecting anticipated appreciation of business value, projected price, product or industry volatility and compensation alternatives.

Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)

One potentially viable business exit strategy is to sell your business to employees through an ESOP - employee stock ownership plan. To avoid a heavy expenditure of time, money and effort before getting encouraging signals from the lender, we think it is prudent to establish a preliminary appraisal figure as part of an overall strategic exit plan long before you actually face the ESOP price.