Tax-Related Valuations

As seasoned CPAs holding both the CVA and ABV valuation designations, we work daily in the trenches with clients on myriad business matters that are of utmost concern to their financial picture. Our extensive certified accounting experience equates to a high level of competency in all areas of tax valuations.

Gift and Estate Taxes

Business Valuation Consultants delivers careful gift and estate planning recommendations and credible valuations for preserving wealth. We are a trustworthy source to help you minimize the potential for disputes.

Purchase Price Allocations

Fair market valuations of assets are a necessary ingredient in the tax planning process, affecting depreciation, amortization, and future gains or losses in business purchase. We fully understand the nuance of the tax structure that can influence your after-tax profit projections through the price allocation process.


Determining the proper structure to maximize value to owners requires in depth knowledge and application of valuation principles. For example, the use of pass through entities for rapidly appreciating assets may minimize future taxes if structured properly.