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Should Your Company Start a Retirement Plan?

Should your company start a retirement plan? After all, it is what profitable companies are often inclined to do. When deciding if this is an option that would benefit your company, there are several basic points to consider before offering a financial vehicle for...

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Three Approaches to Deciding What Your Company is Worth

There are many reasons why a business owner would want to be able to determine the value of their business. This is achieved through a process called business valuation. The individual procedures and prescribed processes that go into a business valuation are complex,...

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Capital Gain Rates/Loss Carryforwards

Analyzing the values of your capital assets could result in a multitude of tax savings. As many of you are aware, capital gains are taxed at different rates depending on the holding period of such assets. If you hold the capital asset one year or less, your capital...

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HMV in the Community – United Way’s Day of Caring

HMV's Tax Department divided and conquered on Friday, May 12th for United Way's Day of Caring. This one day, community-wide volunteer event connected over 500 volunteers from more than 45 local companies with various nonprofit organizations. Our employees formed three...

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Financial Abuse of the Elderly

According to a recent article by the AICPA, it is estimated that one in ten elderly people in North America have been victims of financial abuse.  This abuse has resulted in more than $2.9 billion in yearly financial losses.  Due to the changing demographics in North...

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Not-For-Profit Organizations – What to Provide Your CPA

Most tax exempt organizations have an annual filing requirement with the Internal Revenue Service. The amount of information your tax preparer will need depends on the organization's filing responsibility. A tax exempt organization is required to file one of the three...

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Pease Limitation

The Pease Limitation was enacted in 1991 and is names after Donald Pease, former Representative of Ohio. Its purpose was to limit certain itemized deductions of high income earners. Once your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) crosses a specified dollar threshold, certain...


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