Strategic Associations

Aliign Mineral Management, LLC

Aliign, LLC was originally formed in 2009 to provide assistance to people who have benefited from the Haynesville Shale. They recognized a need for management services specifically catered to individuals who lacked the time, knowledge and experience to effectively and efficiently monitor their mineral interests. In 2017, Aliign, LLC joined forces with Heard, McElroy & Vestal, LLC to form Aliign Mineral Management, LLC. The merger has expanded and enhanced the companies’ ability to provide top level services to businesses and individuals with oil and gas holdings.

Business Valuation Consultants, LLC

Business Valuation Consultants, LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Heard, McElroy, & Vestal, LLC. Our Business Valuation Consultants, LLC group provides valuation analysis to clients by determining value through credible valuation analysis. The methodology behind the numbers counts as much as the valuation itself. Convincing valuation judgments require competence, credibility, and confidence, which our consultants continually strive to infuse into every business relationship.

HMV Wealth Advisors, LLC

HMV Wealth Advisors, LLC is a wholly owned affiliate of Heard, McElroy & Vestal, LLC dedicated to helping businesses and individuals reach their full wealth potential. HMV Wealth Advisors’ general approach to investing focuses on the things that can be controlled: expenses and taxes, rather than the things that can’t be controlled: the market. With efforts in keeping investment fees and taxes as low as possible, we aim to bring risk-adjusted, market returns to our clients in the most tax-efficient and low-cost manner possible.

Building Relationships and Providing Opportunities